Seven special regional bike shops have taken this leap with us....
They have become crucial pillars of our program and their direct support allows BYC to offer Rookie Bikes. The Shop Partners' continuing involvement will help our kids learn to care for their equipment. We are so excited and thankful to have them all!

Stop in to one of our Shop Partners and let them know how much we all appreciate what passionate local business does for the Baltimore Cycling Community.

Our Shop Partners Donated Redline Rookie Bikes!
With the help of our Shop Partners, BYC owns a collection of Redline cyclocross bikes to get our Rookies rolling! The fleet includes bikes with different wheel sizes to suit all heights (or sizes) in the 8-16 year old range, intended for our first-year riders. The shops will build our bikes up from new, and be on hand once a month at practice to help keep them in tip-top shape. Any work not performed by the rider or BYC volunteers should be done by a Shop Partner, and they will handle the bike return and tune-up at the end of the year. Once our Rookies are enamored with cycling, the BYC Shop Partners will be on hand to help make the perfect equipment choice for the rider's own bike! more about our Rookie bikes here

Use your Ace Points at our Shops!
Every BYC family will get $40 of Ace points at the Yearly Kick-off to spend with our Shop Partners. This can help the young rider get a helmet, pedals, shoes, whatever they need, and the Shops will assist families new to the sport come up to speed with the equipment basics. When riders earn their wings for the year, they earn more Ace points based on their participation which are then added to the $40 next year. Its an amazing way to reward progress and our Shops are there to help you make the most of your Ace points! more about Ace points here

Wrench Day Clinics Once a Month!
Every month during the pre and regular season we have a dedicated "Wrench Day" scheduled where one of the Shop Partners teaches a maintenance clinic for our kids. It is an ongoing part of the BYC curriculumn to make sure that every rider knows how to perform basic maintenance and repair, thanks to our Shops!

Find our Shop Partners Here!

Baltimore Youth Cycling is a regional movement to develop Junior cyclists into cycling advocates and confident young athletes. We work with beginning through advanced cyclists ages 8-18, in a structured cyclocross practice setting. We teach them to ride safely and skillfully as athletes dedicated to their sport and their teammates. more about BYC's story here